Saturday, October 11, 2008


What the? Wow am I ever bad at keeping up to date on this blog...Sheesh... We'll we came home Tuesday Night from sick kids. I have never felt more evicted than I did this time. It was like... rounds, shower, you have to leave we need the room...LOL... seriously... thats what it felt like. We were kicked out!

Anyhoo. Yale came home because there is nothing they can do for him at Sick Kids about his heart funtion. They found no anatomical reason for his decrease in function so they started him on Carvetilol. Carvetilol will take a long time to show any improvement if any, and so there was no reason to keep us in hospital. The only reason we were there so long was because Yale's feeding had definitely decreased... So while in hospital they uped his lasix to three times a day instead of one. As some may know...when the heart isn't working so well, its hard to get rid of fluid... thats why we don't like Mr. Yale to be puffy or have crackly sounds in his lungs (which he had) so now that he is all dried out like a potato chip, his breathing isn't as laboured and he is feeding relatively well. They've set a slightly lower TFI (total fluid intake) for him so that we won't have to monitor his as closely... just if I see signs of dehydration to lay off the lasix.

So now our only problems are dealing with firm stools. (a side effect of load of lasix and increased calorie intake)Yale has been infamous at having a hard time "going". tonight was the worst I think I've ever seen and even saw traces of blood in his stool...(so off to the paediatrician) Yale is on a couple of blood thinners so, as blood in stool after that sort or straining isn't to terrible, it can post quite a problem for this little man. So I'll be paying a close eye and waiting until Tuesday (thanksgiving holiday). Hopefully there isn't much more, or we'll be making a trip to emerge.... So much for those "side effects" of carvedilol. One being loose stools, we had hoped that would even things out...but not so true.

I've also taken it upon myself to go get some flax seed oil to add to Yale's bottles to help keep his stools softer. Yale has been standing still on his growth curve and at sometimes losing weight. That is why we're currently uping his caloric intake (fortifying his formula) and it cause his stools to become even more firm. So flax seed oil....and flax meal to mix into his solids. Yale isn't big on the fruits and veggies but is all about his hopefully I can slip some more fibre into his intake... Poor little guy.. I didn't even feel this sorry for him after his surgeries.... he at least had pain medications then.... :(

Anyhoo... if any of you have any more tips for making his bowel movements easier PLEASE offer them.... poor little man... makes me wish I kept pumping breast milk for this long.... No one (especially Yale) should have to go through that.
So on a side are some pics to show the dude! :)

Yale trying on his halloween costume.

Yale showing his two bottom teeth coming in

Yale with his fave... Nurse Natalie

Yale doing tricks... anything to get out of eating!


ChristophersHeart said...

Hey Tanna
So glad that Yale is home! I hope the new meds help him out with his heart function and you don't have any more unplanned stays at Sick Kids.

For the constipation - try mixing blueberries (baby food or you can puree your own) into his cereal. We found that if Christopher was backed up we'd feed him some at every meal and the next day the pipes would clear, so to speak. If it's really bad and food/fibre doesn't help as the doctor or dietician about PEG flakes ( it's for serious constipation but really works.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tanna,

I agree with the blueberries, great idea, hopefully he will eat them if mixed with his cereal.
Lots and Lots of exercise, as you already know.
I heard that baby masage can also work. If not for that, it can be beneficial for many issues. Even to just help him relax during a stressful bowel movement.

Hope this helps,
love ya, 11 days to go,
Auntie Erica