Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And the award goes to.....

Yale Seaton for "Most improved in 24 hours"..

This was the joke this afternoon during rounds. Yale is doing so well, I just KNOW that it is all the prayers and help of God and all the positivness coming his/our way.

Yale's sats have continued to pick up through out the day. he began at 38% when I walked in to 68% when I left this afternoon. Now, those really aren't great sats you might think, but considering that his bloodwork has been regularly showing that his actual O2 saturation is 10-15 points higher, this is super duper man! LOL

Its a whole new feeling to be there now, no knots in my stomach, no pondering glances from the fellow, no scary stat calls from overhead.... its just great all around. Today Yale got a great bath. I got to perform most of it, but allowed his nurse to do the tricky stuff around pacing wires and what not. I even got a semi cuddle as I was the one to life him while they changed his bedding. They stoped most of his meds with the exception of his morphine, heparin and milrinone. so really. he's doing this all on his own. They stopped paralyzing him and stopped all muscle relaxants so that he could have a neurological assessment. The results were good. As always there is the chance of something showing itself down the road, but for now, he's not. He's coughing great and physio is doing wonders at getting the gunk out of his lungs. I think the plan over night will to slowly ween the vent and hopefully if all goes well tomorrow they will prepare to extubate. I'm no getting myself psyched up about that, but am very glad that its even in he hind thoughts of the doctors. If you just scroll down and read the post previous, you really can see why Yale is clearly in the lead for most improved in 24 hours!!!!

Keep on praying...


Anonymous said...

Way to go Yale!! What a trooper! You have got an amazing little boy Tanna!!
Leigh- LMs

Heather said...

this is so wonderful to read! i've been praying for you guys, even though i was out of the loop. but i know these boys of ours, and they like to keep us all guessing. i'll keep on praying, and i posted on asher's blog so others can pray, too. yale's an amazing little guy, total fighter. and so are you, tanna. it takes a lot of faith to get through life with these boys of ours. and i'm always here for you if you're running low. just call if you need anything.
ps - we're at HSC on wednesday next week. maybe we'll see you then! :)

Jenaia said...

Praise God! I am so happy to hear that Yale is doing so much better. I will continue praying...we know God is listening.

Anonymous said...

lots of prayers and hugs for you
what a strong man you have tanna
Tami LM

Anonymous said...

Oh YAY! I am so happy to read that news. What a different feeling I have in the pit of my stomach today compared to yestderday.
Power of Positive thoughts/prayers!
I am missing you guys, thinking of you always,
Auntie Erica

Anonymous said...

That is so incredible and such great news! Way to go Yale! Keep it up sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO!!!! that's the lil' fighter we know. Hope to see you guys soon.