Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Finally some answers

Hiya everyone.. I am so sorry for losing my touch with this blog. Its been a stressful few days, and really with no news. Yale over the weekend was progressively declining with no answers in sight. Many people that have been to the ccu in Sick Kids may have noticed that the place sort of shuts down on the weekend. The goal was just to keep him as stable as we could. He often would desat into the 30s and scare the crap out of everyone around. He's proving to be his sensitive self and needs the loving touch of his RT ever hour or so to keep his sats higher.

Yesterday they sent him for a CT to see if there was anything they were missing and to see things they couldn't see through echo. They knew that something just wasn't right, and well... today I was glad to finally get some answers. From the CT they noticed that Yale's LPA was very stenoic right where it branches.(artery that leads to the lung) Normally this would be upsetting to hear as soon as you walk into his room first thing in the morning, but a collective sigh of relief was heard from me, as well as his nurse, when Dr Van Arsdell said he finally had some answers. Yale is headed to the cath lab today. Scheduled for noon, but heard from the anestetist(sp?) that that is quite an ambitions time, as there is still a case before his. HEck... I was just glad to hear that there is a reason for Yale's struggles, and that something can be done... Its not so mysterious like his failure in May. So prayers are requested. There is definitely higher risk stenting something so fresh...

Just a side note... yesterday I was hit smack dab in the middle of my face with a lady bug... I have always been told that lady bugs are lucky, and now I really do believe this. The sweet bug fell to the inside of my sunglasses and at first I was startled and was going to flick her away...then thought better and carried her to safety in a flower bed here at Sick Kids. I've got some good pictures of this lady of luck, and will post them as soon as I can load them to the computer....She sure has brought us some good luck so far! Also... we're nearing the longest that Yale and I have been apart. I can only stroke his head, and sometimes don't as it bothers him and he desats. You never really realize the love you get from your children, until its taken from you. I'm starting to get desperate and its only a matter of time before I start asking random women if I can hold their baby...LOL... I miss his cuddles, and can't wait until he is breathing on his own again...

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Jenaia said...

Thanks for the update! I will be praying lots for Yale today.

Hugs to you Tanna!