Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the turn around

HEy folks! So... I just want to catch you all up on what happened over the weekend and monday. Yale was again extubated yesterday around 1:30 I didn't want to say anything because I was starting to think I was jinxing the whole thing...so only Tyler knew. I knew immediately that it was going to work.... Yale sats jumped to the high 70's his resp rate slowed to a clam pace and he fell off to sleep. Its kind of funny, because when I think back to his last extubation, and Tyler will confirm this, I just got into this grumpy mood. I was expecting all day that they'd put CPAP on him.... but it ended in an early morning reintubation.... GRRR... this time I was silently optimistic and was vigilint by his bedside that nobody mention 4D or say anything that would jinx it. Alex his fellow even began to refer to it as "the plans for his future care" LOL. He gave me a big hand shake this morning and agreed I really knew my son! At least someone noticed!

So we were moved from our room of sick babies as "we don't meet the criteria" for this room. Which sounds mean, but when you know what the criteria are, you are glad to hear it. Shortly after Yale was taken out from under his box and put on nasal prongs, the crew from 4D came waltzing in. They checked out Yale's history and looked him over and said they'd try to get us up there today or tomorrow. Thats when the charge nurse came and told us we were moving to room 94. They have bed and staff issues upstairs in 4D today and so they brought a 4d nurse down to the ccu to look after us. so basically its like we're in 4d only without the travel time to get there..LOL
Yale is doing great!!! Like I said he's on nasal prongs with about a litre of air going...they'd ween him off it, but they don't have low flow devices in the CCU. ;) His chest tubes finally came out. Its about time as they almost ran dry... he still has his pacing wires, but they will probably come out in the next few hours as well. Today we also got to have a cuddle in a rocking chair while I fed him... Its soooo amazing to finally see the light! We're going to get to go home soon! One day me and my baby will be home with no more surgeries for at least 2 years! WOW! Its so comforting to know that... We did it! Thanks to all of you! Really, if anyone ever thinks or says that prayers and positive thoughts don't work... look at my son....He is here today because so many people care about him! I am a very VERY proud mommy!


Tanya said...

Tanna. I've been waiting to hear this good news. *woot* I'm so happy. I hope to hear more good things in the days to come. :o) Tanya

IAmDenise said...

Tanna that is amazing and we are praying for Yale!
Cant wait for you to go to 4D!!
Go Yale Go!

Alison said...

That's great Tanna! I'm so happy to read that!

Jenaia said...

Way to go Yale! I was so happy to read that he is doing so much better. It is crazy how quick they can go from not doing so well to almost ready to go home. Have fun in 4D...hopefully you get sometime up there before they send you home. Funny you told me earlier they were empty and CCU was full.....How quick things change!