Saturday, July 26, 2008

not so successful

So we got a phone call last night at 3:30 am that Yale had to be reintubated. BOOOO :(
I was disappointed to say the least, but having a very sick little baby in our room on ecmo really puts things in perspective. It could always be worse, and the doctors "almost" always know best.
The story I got when I arrived in the morning is that Yale really worked himself into a frenzy, and his secretions from his lungs really started to build up. (think angry dog frothy at the mouth) Only the froth is in yale's upper airway and it hurts an awful lot to cough and get them out. Anyhoo... so they tried to give him cpap to avoid reintubating, we know from previous experience. The cpap mask really REALLY makes Yale it just made things worse. Needless to say he easily took to the ventilator again. He isn't being restrained, and isn't trying to get at the tube. So as his doctor said this morning, it was just a little blip in Yale's recovery. We were just too zealous at getting him off the vent when he still had quite substantial secretions. He's resting and still working to get them up and out, and cooperating with his physio to help get his lungs ready. They are aggressively weening him from the vent and plan to extubate again in a few days. hopefully the 3rd time is the charm and that will be it! I certainly think they have found the answer too as keeping him on codeine has really helped to curb his temper.
So some would expect me to be more upset than I am, but really, my expectations are really just that, expectations, and only Yale knows what he is ready for. I personally think that the others in the room really put things on perspective. One baby has had surgery then cath lab and then her last surgery was taken down and revised....and is struggling with pneumonia, another arrested three times in one day, but is now on his road to recovery, and the saddest is a tiny newborn, stable on ecmo, but with a severe brain bleed... I think in the grand scheme of things, we are pretty fortunate, and I would like you all to send out positive vibes and prayers and anything else you can think of, not only for Yale, but for all the other families, going through more trying times than we. These babies need all the help they can get!


Anonymous said...

I am thinking of you guys Tanna, and Ty.
All of the positivity that I have.

Yale is a fighter, and he will get through this,
I will also send out postive prayers for all of the others sharing a room with Yale.
Big PRayers,
Auntie Erica

Tanya said...

Tanna ,
My prayers and healing vibes are still being sent your way and to all the babies in Yale's room. Take care and pass some kisses to that special little man of yours.