Wednesday, July 30, 2008

(pardon my french)

We're in 4D BITCHES!
LOL...I've been wanting to shout that out all day.... we made it! We're in step down, and we made it! All Yale's lines are out...all he has are pacing wires in his chest, and an IV in his foot... If this computer had a webcam you'd see video of me doing the happy dance.
So Yale is still on his oxygen, but after speaking to his PT she thinks that he has very low amounts of secretions in his lungs, and he should be succssefully weened from his O2 shortly. Heck he threw a fit today and only desated to 65%... The alarms were going off and I of course was expecting to see a 30 or 40% up there....but was a 65% Thats amazing for someone who couldn't breathe on his own less then 4 days ago! Seriously...I feel elated...its the only way to explain it. I think back to how I felt July 22nd hearing that Yale went into cardiac arrest in the cath lab, and now we're in 4D and Yale is starting to return to his old self. Its hard not to cry when you really think of where we could be had things not gone as well as they had. He's still very angry, and untrustworthy of anyone that comes to his bedside.... but he's starting to play again, and I think he knows he's really doing better... he must feel amazing really!
I got the pleasant surprise of having lunch with HeatherPeters , Asher Blithe and Bram. Oh and Heather's mom and Aunt Jen.... :) My what a breath of fresh air they all are. Asher is looking good....he has his occasional blips, but he seems well. (feel free to check out his blog...the link is on the left-->)He had a quick visit with Yale before they kicked him out. Kids under 12 aren't allowed to visit in step down...of course both Heather and I know this...but it didn't stop us! LOL play stupid... I think Yale was shocked to see Asher though... he got all big eye'd, then gave Asher a dirty look when he started to play with his toys... LOL..
So Yale was still on milrinone when they brought him upstairs, but it was shut off today.. if he manages his blood pressures fine, then we should be moved to our own room as soon as one opens up! And you know what our own room means right??? There is no where else to go but home! yes I said it, and I'll say it again.... we will be coming home soon! I haven't been this happy probably since Dr Caldarone told us that Yale made it though surgery!!! He really is a big big BIG fighter.... the strongest little man I've ever known... and such a blessing!


Yale's Grandma said...

You have every right to talk french Tanna. I think the only persons happier than me are you and Tyler. What an amazing miracle child we have and how blessed we are to have him in our lives. God has seen fit to give Yale to you and Tyler to fill the hole left by the twins and teach the true meaning of life. Life has very little meaning without children. God bless you and your child.

Love Mommy

Tanya said...

YAY!!! I am so happy Tanna. Can't wait to see new pics of Yale without so many wires. Take Care

Anonymous said...

Woot!! Woot!! Rock on Yale!

Love, Hugs & Kisses
Aunt Becky, Uncle Joe and your cousins.