Friday, July 18, 2008

Two steps forward....

One step back. It appears I was over zealous in my excitment for Yale's recovery. Any mother of a critically ill child knows that the battle of recovery is often described as a 2 steps forward, one step back process. Yale has proven this to be true...once again. He has a history of setbacks with his stroke, and poor function, and CHF and this is no exception. Tyler and I arrived today right smack in the middle of rounds this morning, and at that moment Yale was having an episode. He, all thoughout his recovery, will get upset, desat to the 30-40s then recover on his own, however, conveniently timed this morning he desated to the 20's and took well over 15 minutes to mildly recover. The issue for me with this is that during rounds, because of confidentiality, parents are not allowed in the room while rounds are being discussed about the other patients. So perfectly timed we are stuck out in the hallway while doctors are running around trying to help Yale recover from his desat and get him settled. I can hear him screaming, and they are rushing in with an echo machine to make sure there isn't any physical problem with all the attachments of his new anatomy. And there I was stuck out in the hallway.

Needless to say, Yale is now on cpap. You may remember this from when he was in heart failure in May. Well he required some assitance breathing and this is the best they could do without re-intubating him. All of the heart function medication he was on following surgery was weened overnight, and now he is back on them all including a few more. After reviewing his echo, everything is good, except his funtion...something that has been an uphill battle for Yale for sometime. So they are just working on getting it back up and giving him some rest. He will remain on Cpap for the next few days, it proved to help him when he was in failure, and they believe it will now.

Yale's history of keeping his nurses on their toes proves to be true. And my belief that he truely does like it down in the CCU does too. It was merely moments after his doctors mentioned his moving to 4D this morning that he had the episode.... LOL so now once he is more stable and they start to think about sending him upstairs, the code word will be "shopping" LOL...

So just a little update of the stress Yale is creating today. He still looks well, this is just a step backward that the team is on top of. So all of you out there sending prayers and positive thoughts... keep them coming... they are definitely needed today!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad he is settled again. Silly boy making you worry like that. Has he tried out his new blankie yet>? take care we are always thinking about you and praying for Yale.