Thursday, July 17, 2008

A quiet night

So, last night Yale had a pretty quiet night. they kept him pretty well sedated to allow him to rest. This morning we came in to a pretty agitated little boy. They are thinking he is suffering pretty badly from a "glenn headache". The plan was to ween him from the oxygen and extubate him, but he is so agitated, they've decided to put that off until later today if not tonight. They again upped his morphine to give him some rest and are working on getting some of the fluid off before they go ahead with extubation. From what I gather from rounds, he is doing quite well. Dr Calderone snuck up on us this morning ad said he is happy with his progress thus far. His real issue that they want to get under control is to get his saturation levels back up. A variety of things will be done in order to do this...but Ipersonally from being Yale's mum, and seeing him before with low saturations know exactly that it is the fluid he is retaining. Heck he was on lasix (a diuretic) three times a day back home. and he's only had one dose since surgery...HELLO... but alas I am only a mother and not a doctor...I can say all I want, but they don't listen... I'll be sure to say loudly "I TOLD YOU SO!!!" when they do finally figure out that i'm not a complete idiot...LOL... Anyhoo... I do have total trust in his nurses...its those darned fellows... assuming I'm a hysterical mother....
Anyhoo... thats all for now... I'll be sure to update when more happens.... keep the positive thoughts coming!

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Jodi said...

Thanks for the update.

Keep fighting Yale!!

Any idea how little Megan made out? Prayers for her as well.