Friday, July 18, 2008


Not even an hour after my last post, Yale was re-intubated. The theory is that if they make it easier for him to breathe, the more energy can go into healing his heart and increasing his function. He immediately looked better nad is comfortably resting. I was upset at first about this major step backwards, but am glad to not seem him struggle so much!
Keep on praying for him... we need all the help we can get..
Its quite upsetting as mother to have all these expectations, and then to have such a setback, even though I know its for the best and his doctors are amazing... I was still quite stressed out.
I'm taking the advice from his nurse that while he rests, I should as well. I'm no doing anyone any good by pouring out such negative energy, that is all based on my own expectations. So for now I will stop posting... at least until monday. take reassurance that no news is good news, and if there are any major events, I will of course let you all know!


Don't Taste The Cat & Other Fine Mommy Moments said...

BIG hugs to you, that's so hard to take what feels like a step back. We had that happen with Christopher - he pulled out the vent and they let him try with just the oxygen tent thing but he was struggling so much to breathe and his sats were dropping and when they suggested re-intubation my hubby and I were almost relieved. He was much more comfortable. 24 hours later the tube came out again and stayed out with high sats.
Hang in there, they are so awesome at Sick Kids. Rest and know that we're thinking of you and Yale.

Jenaia said...

I am so sorry to hear that and I know exactly how you feel. Dominic did the same thing after the Norwood...actually twice. It took three times before extubation was sucessful. He would go on cpap and eventually be reintubated. When I said pull a Dominic I definetly did not mean Dominic after the Norwood. It is good that the docs are on top of everything though. I will pray that the next extubation is successful and Yale will be on his way home. He is such a stong little guy!

Heart Hugs


Anonymous said...

Hey dear,
We hope everything is going good.I check up here to see everyday.I hope you both come home soon. I miss his cute little smiles.
ox Jamie

Anonymous said...

All in good time and on his own schedule. Good thoughts are with you guys so stay strong and rest before the reality of 4D hits!

Anderson Family said...

How frustrating! Things will work them selves out with time. :) I'll be praying for the three of you! He just has to figure out how his "new pluming now works" I'm glad hes getting some rest and that you are also able to get some rest. Before your on our way out and have to do everything your self again.

Hugs and prayers
Melynda and Mariska (HLHS)